Henderson NV Travel Ideas That You May Want To Consider

A trip to the state of Nevada would simply not be complete without staying in Henderson NV. This is a location where you can do so many different activities without actually staying in the Vegas area. Although you will not have a very tall hotel that you can stand, looking out at the famous Las Vegas strip, it’s close enough where you can come in every day. There are several things that you can plan, and here are a few recommendations that you might want to consider when you decide to stay in Henderson NV.

Mustang Helicopters

There are multiple helicopter rides that you can take to the Grand Canyon, allowing you to see not only the canyon itself, but go down to the Colorado River. It would take you hours to hike from the rim down to the basin, but these helicopters actually take you right in. You get to not only enjoy the view of everything around you, heading into Arizona, but you can also enjoy the rapids. You can take advantage of the special prices which can include not only a tour of the entire canyon, but an optional below the rim option.

Grand Canyon In A Day And Hoover Dam

Another Grand Canyon tour that you might want to consider is called the Hummer Grand Canyon In A Day. This is a company that will take you directly into the Grand Canyon, providing you with a fully guided tour. Once you get back, you can then take a guided tour of Hoover Dam to complete your day of fun. It’s going to allow you to really experience not only how amazing modern technology is in regard to construction, but also how incredible mother nature actually is.

By staying in Henderson Nevada, you will not miss out on anything, plus you will be able to take advantage of a much more serene setting. There are always hotels that you can stat, and places you can gamble, to bide your time. You should start looking early so that you can get the exact hotel that you would like to stand while you are visiting Henderson. It’s a great place to spend a few weeks and have one of the best vacations of your life. It is highly recommended that you book everything at the same time including the tours that you would like to take so that you can save money. This can help you save hundreds of dollars on your trip to this area of southern Nevada.