Henderson NV Fun Filled Activities That You Can Do

When you tell someone that you are going to the state of Nevada, they will automatically assume that you are either going to Reno or Las Vegas. These are the two most popular cities in the state. There are many other destinations that you can visit including the capital Carson City, but you may end up staying in another location called Henderson. This is close enough to Las Vegas, and a multitude of different activities that you can do, without having to stay at a casino hotel. Here is what you can do once you arrive in Henderson NV, a destination that many people enjoy.

Maverick Airlines

If you have never been on a small plane before, especially on a tour, you might want to consider going on Maverick Airlines. In the same way that you could take a ride in a helicopter, you will be within a plane that will take you on a similar route. You are able to go with the starter package which will take you across the West Rim, and also a ground trip that is included. You can also go with their highest package which is a three and one Grand Canyon tour which many people recommend.

Sloan Canyon National Park

Another place that you can go is called Sloan Canyon National Park. It is a place for you can do a lot of hiking. In about four hours, you can go to one of the best destinations, especially if you don’t like the crowds. There are few people that actually go out here, even during peak season travel, so you can really get to enjoy nature virtually alone. If you would like to get some exercise, and also experience the landscapes that only Nevada has to offer, definitely go to this national park.

All of this is available if you decide to stand Henderson NV, a small city by comparison to Las Vegas. However, you can still participate in a multitude of different activities that are available to you, even though you are not in Vegas itself. Book as much of this as you can as you are planning your trip. This will save you quite a bit of money. It also gives you a chance to see all of the different activities that will be available once you arrive in Henderson during the spring or summer.